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Victoria Stowe

The comprehensive collector's guide that discusses the history of luxury exotics, it is meticulously researched with archived issues of fashion periodicals (Vogue and Harper's Bazaar), merchandise catalogs (Sears and Montgomery Wards), and lavishly illustrated by period advertisements and the original photography by the author.


Available on Amazon, in bookstores and libraries worldwide, including the Gladys Marcus Library of the Fashion Institute of Technology at the State University of New York, this rare study to the luxuries market has instantly become a useful reference for designers, fashion students, and smart-dressing shoppers worldwide. 


To satisfy their discerning tastes, Victoria has been offering timeless vintage finds in her online boutique, InStyle Classics, since 1999. Her client base consists of customers from different walks of life, including prominent designers, such as Judith Leiber, Richard Lambertson (Tiffany & Co.), Brett Heyman (Edie Parker), Helen Roberts Payne (Ralph Lauren), Elizabeth Bugdaycay (Rebecca Taylor), Marylin Kirschner (Harper's Bazaar), as well as fashion experts at Sotheby's and Christie's.


I'm delighted that you stopped by and hope you'll enjoy visiting our virtual museum, reading the book, viewing the illustrations, and shopping for a piece of history to wear that you can find in our online boutique, InStyle Classics.


Stay tuned!

Victoria Stowe

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